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Discover everything you need to know about the travel essentials for all your trips, with us here today.

Our goal here at Travel with Serendipity is to inform, guide and inspire all your future travels. To do this we work to give you the best and most reliable information available. This is along with our tried and tested tips and ideas, inspiring you as you go.

We have made these posts to give you the tools that you need to plan, book and enjoy all your trip. We hope to give you the most valuable information that we can. Most of what we talk about we have learnt, sometimes the hard way. But, hopefully this is so you don’t have too. You can start reading our posts below. And you can see them on Pinterest too, see here >

Travel planning tools

Keep your eye out as you go through our posts. Where possible we try to make some free planning tools to help you further. You can check out all our current travel planning tools today. We have a number of PDF planning printables that help you, with everything from choosing your accommodation to tracking your savings. Our travel directory is full of links to sites that we use when booking our trips. And, there is our Travel Pro Planner a free budget and saving spreadsheet helping you to save money. To check out all our toolssee here >

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Travel with Serendipity and its contents are for you our readers, and as such all your comments are welcomed and appreciated. If you have any suggestions for future topics and content, or if you have any travel related questions you think we may be able to help you with, then please do share them with us.

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