How To Choose The Best Type Of Travel For You: 14 Different Types

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There are so many types of travel available. And each offers you a unique experience. So, to help choose the best type for you we have listed 14 of the most popular. See the great 4 tips to help you choose the best type of travel for your next trip.

1. Adventure

Adventure is a great type of travel.

When looking at adventure travel, you should expect the unexpected in this unusual and out of the ordinary trip. As adventure travel takes you out of your comfort zone and introduces you to experiences that challenge you. You will learn new skills in natural and cultural surroundings. And push yourself physically with activities such as trekking, bungee jumping, mountain biking, caving, and much, much more.

Great 4: adventure, challenge, culture, and nature

2. African Safari

A safari is a great type of travel.

Safari travel can be a truly unique experience, transporting you into the vast and beautiful surroundings of Africa and her savannah. All while taking an exciting and rare “long journey”. Touring the land by 4X4, boat, plane, and even on foot and observe wild animals, wandering freely in their natural habitat. However, most people it’s important to see the big 5, lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and Cape buffalo.

Great 4: adventure, exploring, nature, and wildlife

3. All-inclusive resorts

All inclusive resorts are a great type of travel.

A popular option and the ultimate in convenience as well as luxury, an all-inclusive resort provides everything you need. Usually, you pay one price upfront which covers all your trip costs including accommodation, flights, meals, drinks, and entertainment. Furthermore, such resorts tend to have a good selection of pools, activities, and restaurants for you to enjoy.

Great 4: convenience, entertainment, luxury, and relaxing

4. Backpacking

Backpacking is a great type of travel.

For a true sense of authenticity and independence, a backpacking trip involves visiting several destinations. It is often experienced over a longer period and on a lower budget. As well as freely exploring many destinations, backpacking offers an authentic cultural and educational experience. Just you and your backpack.

Great 4: adventure, budget, culture, and exploring

5. Beach

A beach holiday is a great type of travel.

Firstly if you’re looking to kick back, relax, and enjoy the sun, sea, and sand a beach holiday might be the choice for you. They can be a popular retreat from our busy daily lives and in addition to this beach holiday can offer an opportunity to truly recharge those batteries. And in some of the most beautiful and tranquil settings. Get that beach glow and return home feeling refreshed after enjoying the ultimate timeout.       

Great 4: luxury, nature, relaxing, and sun

6. Camping/glamping

Camping is a great type of travel.

Camping is a great way of getting back to nature. Cook and sleep under the stars, as well as spending time relaxing. You can take your tent or go glamping, for a more glamorous trip as glamping takes away the hassle of needing any equipment. Furthermore, you can stay in unique accommodation from pods, yurts, or tipis. Glamping is just as relaxing as traditional camping, just more luxurious.

Great 4: budget, nature, relaxing, and wildlife

7. City break

A city break is a great type of travel.

Firstly you may just want a change of scenery, a city break offers the ideal way to escape the daily grind. As well as being great for shopping, sightseeing and visiting some top attractions. Secondly, it can be great for people short on time, as they can usually be taken over a short break of 2 to 4 days. It is the perfect way to relax and have fun in a bustling and exciting setting.

Great 4: convenience, fun, sightseeing, and value for money

8. Cruise

A cruise is a great type of travel.

Embark on an epic voyage from the comfort of a cruise ship, a luxurious floating resort. Whether it’s a traditional or mega-ship, you can enjoy a world-class experience at sea, everything from spas, entertainment, high-end dining, and modern staterooms. As well as all these things on board there are a vast number of things to see and do at the various ports of call around the world. Lastly, a cruise offers an exciting way to visit multiple destinations, as you wake up somewhere new each day.

Great 4: convenience, entertainment, relaxing, and variety

9. Cultural

Lots of colourful lanterns hanging up.

Cultural travel can be one of the greatest types of travel as you immerse yourself in a way of life foreign from your own and truly become a part of the culture you visit. From the history, heritage, language, food, and people. As well as stepping into a world of adventure and discovering many cultural treasures. While also being a uniquely rewarding opportunity to explore off the beaten track and learn from an authentic adventure of the past, present, and future.

Great 4: adventure, culture, education, and exploring

10. Destination resort

The view of cinderella's castle walking down main street at Walt Disney World.

The ultimate for thrills and entertainment. Destination resorts can be one of the great types of travel. Not only are these fun-packed destinations but they are self-contained resorts that offer a huge variety of activities, shops, restaurants, and attractions. As well as having the convenience of being all in one place. Furthermore being built for adults and kids alike means no matter what your age you can have fun, popular destinations include Walt Disney World in Florida, USA, and Port Aventura World near Barcelona in Spain.

Great 4: convenience, entertainment, excitement, and fun

11. Ecotourism

A lake with green hills and beautiful mountains behind.

Firstly this is the ultimate in a natural travel experience, ecotourism is a responsible, sustainable, and a respectable form of travel. Firstly intended to benefit locals and to preserve the natural world, an ecotourism trip is a low impact and small-scale alternative to standard commercial tourism. Secondly, it offers a unique opportunity to educate you whilst conserving the environment, and sustaining and improving the well-being of the local people.

Great 4: conservation, culture, education, and nature

12. Recreation resorts

A ski slope with skiers going down it.

Recreation resort travel can one of the great types of travel as your hobby that can be the main part of your trip. Whether its Golf, skiing, fishing, or scuba diving. Many resorts cater to such activities. Typically, they provide packages holidays with all equipment, accommodation and meals included. As well as being the ultimate in convenience meaning you can enjoy your hobby with ease.

Great 4: adventure, convenience, relaxing, and fun

13. Wellness & spa resorts

A towel with a candle resting over a bath.

To rejuvenate your body and mind a wellness and spa resort is the ultimate in relaxation. Perfect if you need to truly unwind and make your health a priority. Furthermore, you can relax in a spa, indulge in body treatments and massages, or practice daily yoga. As well as allowing you to return home feeling re-energized.

Great 4: ease, health, recharging, and relaxation

14. Wildlife

A close up of a Galapagos tortoise.

Visit some of the most incredible national parks and sanctuaries. As well as immersing yourself in the rich and diverse array of wildlife in their natural habitat. Either on land, in the ocean, or both. Such a trip could take you to Belize, Borneo, India, and the Galapagos Islands to name a few.

Great 4: adventure, education, nature, and wildlife

Next steps

Hopefully, you now know what type (or types) of travel are best for your next trip. Before you do anything else make sure you know all about the travel essentials. See our guide for more tips to keep you and your family safe, happy, and healthy while on your trip: The ultimate guide to the travel essentials.

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