How To Keep Entertained When Travelling: 14 Unique Ways

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Here we have listed 14 ways to keep you entertained while travelling. And a bonus tip for the kids.

1. Colour in

Colouring is great for keeping kids and adults entertained.

Adult colouring books are getting more popular. And for good reason. They’re a great way to stay keep entertained when travelling Not only does it keep you entertained, but it can help you relax before you even get to your destination. You can unwind and enjoy being in the moment. No thinking needed, just you, your colours, and your books. So, sit back, relax, and get colouring.

2. Do a puzzle

Do a puzzle to stay entertained.

What about going “old school” and getting out the puzzles. A good old word search, crossword, dot to dot, or even sudoku cannot be beaten. They have been around for a while and for good reason. Fun, easy, and good for exercising that brain. Whether you use a book or an app, a puzzle will keep you busy and entertained when travelling.

3. Go over your plan

Go over your trip plans on the plane.

You could use your travel time to do some final checks. Get out your itinerary and travel guides and use this time to finalize all parts of your trip. It is a great time to do and helps keep you entertained when you’re travelling, this as you may spot something you did not see before, or have some last-minute changes.

4. Do your hobby

Knitting can keep you entertianed.

Maybe you have a hobby or have always wanted to start one such as knitting or cross-stitch. There are hundreds of designs for you to choose from. A kit is a great option as it normally includes everything you need to get started. And you can get kits for kids too.

Knitting and cross-stitching is a great way to keep entertained when travelling and you can even take them to do on a plane. According to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), you can take the following in your carry-on: small scissors (with blades no longer than 6cm), knitting needles, and sewing needles. For more information see the FCO hand luggage guide.

5. Learn something new

Use the time when travelling to learn something new.

There might be something that you have been wanting to learn or try like a new language or maybe drawing or writing. You do not need much to get you going. Just a pen and paper, a book or an app will get you started. Check out YouTube too. If you have access to WIFI there are no end of “how-to” videos helping you learn something new.

6. Listen to a podcast

Listening to a podcast can keep you entertained.

You can download podcasts to your devices. Apps such as Google Podcasts and Castbox let you listen offline. Like a pre-recorded radio show, podcasts discuss a huge range of interesting topics.

7. Listen to music

Listen to music to stay entertained.

You can use online streaming services such as Spotify and Amazon Music to download songs to your devices. Keeping you entertained for hours.

8. Play a game

Play a game to stay entertained.

If you enjoy playing board games at home, why not take one with you. You can get your favorite games in miniature. They are portable and perfect for traveling. There are loads to choose from like Guess Who, Battleship, and Monopoly. All bringing you hours of fun while on the go. You could even pack a deck of cards or uno too.

9. Read a magazine

Read a magazine to stay entertained.

You may have a stack ready to pack or you might wait to get to the airport to buy the latest issue. But did you know you can get magazines online too? Either as a monthly subscription or a one-off issue, you can save yourself some space in your carry-on and download your favorite magazines to your device. If this would work for you check out digital newsstand sites such as Zinio for more information.

10. Read or listen to a book

Listen to an audiobook to stay entertained.

Relax and unwind in a good book. Kindles, smartphones, tablets, hardback, paperback, and audiobooks. It has never been easier to read while on the go. You could make a reading list before you leave and have a selection with you while you travel. Whether it is for entertainment or education, reading is a great way to spend your travel time. Check out your local library too. Often this works out as the cheapest way of getting your books. They tend to have a good selection of travel guides and maps that you can borrow too.

11. Set goals

What about spending some of your travel time to think about, or plan something you have not had the spare time to do at home. Whether that is setting some personal goals or planning a home renovation. A long journey could be a great opportunity to start. The Clever Fox Planner is a great tool to help you with this. It is updated which means you can start it from when you return home. For more information and current prices see Amazon.

12. Take pictures

Take some unique pictures from your seat on the plane.

You may be in a situation where you can take some unique pictures while on your journey. Even if you are driving there may be an opportunity for some stops on the way to take some epic snaps. If traveling by plane try and get that perfect window shot.

13. Use apps

Use the apps on your smartphone.

Relaxing or entertaining, apps can be a great way to keep you busy while traveling. From gaming, learning, brain training, and meditation, there seems to be an app for everything. You can download them to your devices before you leave and use them on the go while offline. Just make sure you pack your charger. Chances are your device could die on youl.

14. Watch films & TV shows

Watch films on your Ipad.

Catch up on some of your favorite movies and shows and get set for a marathon. Using online streaming services, such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, and Sky Go, you can download them straight to your devices through their apps. Letting you watch them offline on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Although you can watch these offline you do need to be signed in to your account. It is worth noting that even though you download to the app it will use your device’s internal storage. You can increase your storage by getting an SD card. Or free up some of your device’s storage by using a portable hard drive. See our guide, what you need to know before you go on your travels, for more information.

Bonus tip: kids activity pack

Kids activity packs can really help children from getting board on long journeys.

Whether you make your own or buy one, an activity pack is a great way to keep the little ones busy on long journeys. Full to the brim of things you know will keep them busy, be that books, stickers, colors, games, and snacks. Everything your child loves keeping them, and you, happy.

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Now you know how to keep entertained on your travels check out our guide, what you need to know before you go on your travels, for more tips on what to do before you leave.

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