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So you want to know more about Travel with Serendipity? Great! First of all welcome to the site, and thank you for visiting. We are here to help you with planning and booking your travels. And, everything in between. 

Our goal is to give you everything that you need to make your trip epic. And, with our posts and planning tools we hope we can do just that. From helping you to choose your next destination or accommodation, to keeping you and your belongings safe. As well as helping you to get the best value for your money and so much more.

We hope to give you the most reliable and valuable information that we can. Most of what we talk about we have learnt,  sometimes the hard way. But, hopefully this is so you don’t have too. 

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about us

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Our mission

To inform, guide, and inspire your travels

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Why we do it

We love to travel and want to help you plan yours

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What we do

Create travel guides and tools

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When we do it

New content is posted weekly, on a Tuesday

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Who we are

Gregg Adam and Suzi Louise

Where we are

In the UK, a small town in North Yorkshire

Work with us

We are always up for a serendipitous collaboration. If you are too, and think we would be a good fit for your upcoming project, then we would love to hear from you.

Adventure is worthwhile

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